Our Mission

To develop medical risk management solutions that delivers cost savings to employers for health insurance and other employee benefits, improve healthcare for employees and consumers, and provide additional financial options for healthcare providers.

As the “new normal” of the current health insurance market continues to evolve, the following new paradigms have emerged:

  • Doctors must change the way they manage patients’ healthcare (by using dedicated medical home platforms), as well as becoming more creative in managing care delivery results.
  • Consumers must take a greater degree of responsibility in managing their own healthcare and that of their family members (education plus incentives equal improvements).
  • Employers must demand greater value from the medical provider systems they desire their employees to use (i.e. demanding a more competitive pricing process from healthcare providers).
  • Employees must buy into the “savings” factor available in the new marketplace and learn to shop for the best medical providers that will provide cost savings without minimizing healthcare delivery.
  • Hospitals must become more responsible to the public’s need for greater transparency as well as adopting future methods of revenue generation that could require they take a greater role in healthcare risk management.